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Reichshof Hotel Hamburg
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Reichshof Hamburg


The hotel team, led by General Manager Kathrin Wirth-Ueberschär, is committed to providing guests with impeccable service while placing a sustainable ethos at the heart of their hospitality.

This sustainability charter lists just a few of the measures the Reichshof Hamburg uses to offer its guests a modern, sustainable hospitality experience.



Sustainability in the hospitality industry is about considering all measures and amenities. This includes improving the packaging used by the hotel, the selection of suppliers it works with and responsible service.

  • Information on sustainable measures is made available to the hotel’s stakeholders and guests on the website and through other hotel communication tools.
  • The hotel team receives regular training on environmental issues.
  • The hotel has a bicycle rental service and also offers its guests other environmentally friendly means of transport.
  • The hotel’s close proximity to the main railway station gives guests access to the best possible and most sustainable public transport. The Reichshof Hamburg offers its guests special rates for public transport. (Hamburg Card and Deutsche Bahn event tickets).
  • There are charging stations for electric vehicles near the hotel.
  • Records of all suppliers with names and sustainability details are readily available.


The Reichshof Hamburg uses 100% renewable energy to significantly reduce its ecological footprint.

  • Installation of energy-efficient lighting systems with motion detectors in the public toilets, corridors and storage.
  • The hotel rooms are equipped with a card system that switches off the electricity when guests leave their room.
  • Once a month the hotel carries out energy checks.
  • The hotel uses heating energy from a resource-efficient source to improve its carbon footprint – a combined heat and power plant.
  • Use of blinds and curtains to reduce reliance on cooling systems in guest rooms.
  • Guest services such as minibars and use of the sauna area are available on request at any time.
  • Indoor temperature settings are adjusted to the outdoor temperature.


The hotel’s goal is to reduce water consumption by 5% per guest by 2024.

  • Pressure reducers are installed at the water consumption stations to save water.
  • Guests are asked to keep their bed linen and towels during their stay.
  • Introduction of extra light bed linen that requires less water and less transport during the washing process.
  • Toilets and showers are equipped with water-saving flow regulators.
  • The hotel provides water consumption data once a month.
  • The hotel ensures that all water facilities and equipment are regularly maintained.
  • The water quality in all areas of the hotel is checked regularly.


The hotel has removed all disposable packaging from the buffet and is consciously reducing the amount of paper material in the hotel.

  • To reduce paper consumption, employees receive electronic pay slips.
  • All recyclable waste (paper, PET plastic containers, glass) is recycled separately from waste.
  • Soap, shampoo and shower gel are provided in dispensers.
  • No guest folders in the rooms, instead guest information is available digitally via the WLAN login.
  • All communication with guests and staff is converted to digital formats. Printed materials are reduced to a minimum.
  • The hotel ensures that suppliers take back and reuse packaging (e.g. cardboard boxes, pallets).
  • Suppliers deliver in sustainable carriers and rental boxes.
  • The hotel uses whiteboards and recycled paper for flipcharts.


We are proud to be the first hotel in Hamburg to plant trees with Hotels for Trees.

By participating in Hotels For Trees, Reichshof Hamburg, plant a tree for each guest that waives room cleaning during a stay of 2 or more nights.

Follow our progress here:


Responsible procurement
The Hotel Reichshof Hamburg works with its suppliers to implement sustainable purchasing conditions with consideration for the environment and the general public

  • Suppliers are selected on the basis of their ecological and social commitment.
  • Procurement preference is given to eco-labelled and environmentally friendly products.
  • There is regular communication with suppliers to find alternative solutions to disposable plastic packaging.
  • Fruit, vegetables and other products from the region are offered to hotel guests.
  • The F&B selection contains at least 80% seasonal products and at least 20% vegetarian or vegan products.
  • Regional suppliers (< 50 km) of food.
  • The outsourced laundry is located on site in Hamburg to avoid unnecessary transport.


The hotel works with local groups and organisations to support people in need in the region.  Hotel’s employees are also encouraged to get involved and support local projects.

  • Sophienterrasse – support for the refugee shelter.
  • HilfMahl – Support for the homeless.
  • Hamburger Tafel – On Sundays, the hotel cooks a hot meal for 60 people and donates to the church in the neighbourhood.
  • Joblinge – Programme to integrate young refugees with work permits for a job or training in the hospitality industry.
  • Rainbow Foundation.
  • Equal opportunities programme for employees.
  • Events for employees at least 2 times a year.


To provide a safe environment for our people and guests.

  • Towards self-sufficiency provisions through partnership with fellow companies.
  • Increasing selection of locally produced goods and suppliers.
  • Providing environmentally safe protective materials to our people and guests.
  • Implementing safe disposal measures for used sanitary equipment and products.