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AFAR Magazine Travel Blog Report - Hotel Reichshof Hamburg
Newsbeitrag und Reiseblogger im Reichshof Hamburg

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Hotel Reichshof Hamburg
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AFAR Reisemagazin Bericht Reichshof Hotel Hamburg

AFAR Magazine Travel Blog Report

American Travel Magazine AFAR.com visits Reichshof Hamburg

Once in a while, you arrive at a hotel, and although sparkly new in feel, you immediately get a sense of its significant heritage. It’s all in the details: the original light fixtures, door handles, marble columns, furniture and signage. You can’t fake any of it.

So begins the report on the Hotel Reichshof Hamburg by the online travel magazine “AFAR” which touches on the astounding history of this 105 year old hotel.

A big thanks to the author Nina Dietzel from San Fransisco for such an interesting piece of writing! We’re happy to hear you enjoyed your stay!



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